Welcome To Quark

Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a late clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, a leader in the discovery and development of novel RNAi-based therapeutics for unmet medical needs. Two products, which were granted Orphan designation, QPI -1002 and QP -1007 are in global phase III pivotal clinical studies for Delayed Graft Function (DGF) and Non Arteritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION) respectively

Quark is vertically integrated from gene discovery to novel therapeutics. Assuring its broad pipeline of clinical and preclinical product candidates is the internally developed technology, which includes Quark’s RNAi platform technology its delivery to a host of organs. Quark products and technology have freedom to operate in the nucleic acid intellectual property space.

The company has a string of enabling alliances on products and technologies. QPI -1002 is exclusively option licensed to Novartis worldwide; PF-655 is licensed to Pfizer worldwide on exclusive basis. QPI -1007 is licensed to RiboQuark, Quark’s Chinese joint venture company with Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co., Ltd (Ribo) for China and certain additional countries and to Biocon Limited for India and additional countries. (Read more about the company’s collaborations}

Quark is a privately held company incorporated in California. The headquarter of Quark is located at 7999 Gateway Boulevard, Suite 310, Newark, CA 94560, USA, and the R&D facilities at QBI Enterprises, Ltd. in Nes Ziona, Israel. QBI Enterprises, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Who Is Quark

Our mission is to discover new therapeutics to improve human health by building on our pioneering science and technology.
We endeavor to make Quark Pharmaceuticals a major, profitable pharmaceutical company offering novel therapeutics to treat significant medical needs.
With total commitment to quality and our values, we will:

  1. Continue to progress our science to develop new drug candidates to broaden our pipeline;
  2. Establish, improve and defend the intellectual property position of our drugs, our target genes and our technologies;
  3. Support and nurture our collaborations with leading scientists, physicians and pharmaceutical partners in the disease areas in which we work;
  4. Maintain and expand partnerships for our future drug candidates; and
    Provide a work environment that develops and empowers teams through rewarding and challenging jobs.
We have assembled a strong intellectual property position on the composition of matter of our drug candidates, siRNA structures, delivery methodologies and target genes that we have discovered. We own and control a portfolio of patents and patent applications to protect our technologies and products comprised of more than 80 granted patents in the U.S. and Europe.

Our Skills

  • Capabilities from Target Gene to Patient
  • Proprietary target genes and new therapeutic strategies
  • BiFAR™ Target Discovery Platform
  • Expertise in siRNA drug discovery
  • Experience in drug development
  • Collaborations with experts in the scientific and medical communities

Our History

Founded in December 1994, Quark devoted its early years to developing its proprietary technology platform, “BiFAR™”, to identify novel drug targets. BiFAR™ combines high throughput gene inhibition technology with microarray expression profiling to identify genes responsible for disease processes. In collaboration with large pharmaceutical partners, we applied our BiFAR™ platform to identify new therapeutic targets in serious diseases with unmet medical needs. Today we are harvesting the fruits of the innovative targets we identified and the corresponding therapeutic concepts.

In early 2002, Quark determined that the most rapid means of achieving therapeutic intervention with the disease targets identified by BiFAR™ was to exploit the newly discovered RNA interference, or RNAi, pathway. Since then, Quark has focused its drug discovery and development efforts on the exciting new class of drugs called small interfering RNAs, or siRNAs. We have developed a robust RNAi technology platform and established an independent intellectual property position in the siRNA field, and are now a world-leader in the development of RNAi-based therapeutics. Our siRNA technology capabilities include the identification of the optimal target sequences, design of optimal siRNA candidates using our expertise in chemical modifications to enhance pharmacologic properties, and our know-how in delivery of these compounds to target tissues and organs of interest.