Quark believes that intellectual property rights are essential to protect its technologies and products and to attract the investments required to bring a siRNA drug candidate to the market.

Quark holds multi-layer intellectual property that protects its technological capabilities from target selection through siRNA design and preclinical validation to the clinic and enables us to develop therapeutic siRNA compounds for use in treating a plethora of human indications.

We have assembled a strong patent portfolio based on internally developed technologies, including gene discovery platform technology, gene targets thereby identified, siRNA sequences and modified structures, unique siRNA structural motifs, delivery modes and therapeutic indications.

We own and control a portfolio of patents and patent applications to protect our technologies and products that comprises more than 80 granted patents in the U.S. and Europe.

We maintain a strong intellectual property position to cover:

  • siRNA therapeutic candidates including thousands of sequences to hundreds of target genes
  • siRNA drug candidates
  • optimized siRNA drug design
  • therapeutic use of siRNA to treat multiple indications
  • siRNA delivery modes to target cells/tissues/organs

Quark strives to establish freedom-to-operate for each of its therapeutic candidates and methods of use for specific indications and believes its recently developed therapeutic siRNA compounds are unencumbered by third party IP in major commercial territories. Quark attempts to keep up-to-date with all developments in the siRNA intellectual property arena, taking into consideration inherent uncertainties in all third party IP analyses.